Steg.AI is solving
protection and authentication using artificial intelligence.

Stay protected from DeepFakes, Fake News, and Copyright Theft

Are these images trustworthy?

Our AI enables creators to secure their content.

Steg AI's solution

  • Protect your content by securely embedding metadata directly.
  • Detect provenance: authenticity, intention and copyright violations.
  • A trusted seal to educate your users.
  • A scaleable solution for all types of digital media.

Our secret sauce:
Your smartphone camera sees more

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Comply with the
EU Copyright Directive Article 17
and DMCA Section 512.

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Our Team

Eric Wengrowski, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO

Professor Kristin Dana

Co-Founder, Chief Scientist

Rone Baldwin

Business Advisor

Joseph DeGol, PhD

CV Scientist, Lead Engineer

Josh Wachman

Business Development Advisor

Evan Hackett

Software Engineer

Danny Fan

Software Engineer


2020 NSF SBIR Phase 1 Grant
NYU Data Future Lab
2020 Catalyst
2019 LDV Summit ECVC Winners
2019 NSF I-Corps National Graduates
Industry and Applications Speakers
Adobe Content Authenticity Initiative
NVIDIA Inception Program
Digital Media Licensing Association

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