What is the history of this digital content?

Is it copyrighted? Is it real?

Steg.AI has developed technology for compliance with EU Copyright Directive Article 17

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Is this media trustworthy?

We enable creators to secure their content.

Steg AI's solution

  • A standard for creators to securely embed metadata ¬†such as authorship, copyright usage rights, and searchable keywords directly into their content.
  • A platform for social media companies to detect content provenance, and classify content in terms of authenticity, intention and copyright violations.
  • A trusted seal to educate users about the objective trustworthiness of the content they are consuming.
  • A solution that works at scale for all types of digital media.

Our Team

Eric Wengrowski

Co-Founder, CEO

Kristin Dana

Co-Founder, Chief Scientist

Evan Hackett

Full Stack Developer

Josh Wachman

Business Development Advisor

Joseph DeGol

CV Engineer, Lead Engineer

Rone Baldwin

Business Advisor

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