Steg appoints Joseph DeGol, former Microsoft Principal Researcher, as new CTO

November 8, 2023

Steg.AI, a pioneering leader in AI-driven forensic watermarking technology, announced today that it has appointed Joseph DeGol as the Company's new Chief Technology Officer. Previously at Microsoft, DeGol specialized in computer vision, augmented reality, and robotics. In his new role, DeGol will lead the team at Steg.AI, bringing his wealth of experience and expertise to drive technological innovation and further enhance the company's position in the field.

“The addition of our new Chief Technology Officer is a strategic move that injects invaluable expertise into our team,” said Eric Wengrowski, CEO of Steg.AI. "Joseph's significant experience within the startup landscape coupled with his leadership experience and computer vision expertise will play a pivotal role in advancing our technology and maintaining our commitment to establishing groundbreaking standards for authenticity and integrity verification."

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, Steg.AI offers innovative solutions to address modern digital threats while enhancing user trust with their AI-driven forensic watermarking solution. Organizations grappling with challenges such as deep fakes, leaks, and asset protection have come to rely on Steg.AI to maintain a competitive advantage in an evolving tech environment. As CTO, Joseph DeGol will lead the science and engineering teams to further develop and enhance the company’s watermarking technology and product offerings.

Joseph DeGol, Steg.AI's new CTO, brings extensive expertise in computer vision and AI, honed during his tenure as a Principal Researcher at Microsoft in Redmond. With a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a background collaborating with industry luminaries, he's recognized for pioneering work in computer vision; particularly related to fiducial markers, 3D reconstruction, and camera motion analysis. DeGol's prestigious accolades, including the NDSEG and 3M Fellowships, 16 peer-reviewed publications, and 3 patents and his passion for mountaineering and board games, make him an exciting addition to Steg.AI's leadership team.

"I am honored and excited to lead the talented group of scientists and engineers at Steg.AI,” said Joseph DeGol, the company’s new CTO. “The potential for AI-driven forensic watermarking technology is groundbreaking and will reshape the landscape of digital media security and authentication. Together, we will empower users to confidently engage with digital content while redefining copyright protection and authentication in the digital realm."

With Joe DeGol at the helm of technology, Steg.AI is poised to reinforce its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that elevate digital media security and trust. The entire team at Steg.AI eagerly anticipates the exciting developments that will emerge from this significant appointment.